How to trust your decision making

Why do we know what decisions to make at the right time with trust knowing that that decision is at our best interest and for our best possible outcome. The truth is we never know until the story is told and played as out nothing is every 100% set in stone. What we can do is learn how to trust out intuition clear up all that fog and uncertainty that exist within our conscious mind.

So where is this decision making coming from and how or why should we trust it. To answer this we must understand that our brain consist of two parts the conscious and subconscious, the conscious is the active part utilizing around 20% and in control of logic, reasoning and actions, while the subconscious is in control of the involuntary actions like breathing, your heart rate, making sure all your organs are working, your memories, beliefs and emotions. So to speak is conscious and to dream is subconscious.

So what has this got to do with your intuition and how to trust it. Knowing this we can understand that these hunches and senses are coming from our subconscious deep within our belief system giving them reason and making them easier to understand or trust, in a logical way, knowing that our subconscious is connected to or memories and our memories are connected to our past and we understand the decisions we have made in the past which then guides us to make decisions in our present, hence that little voice on your head. So what if you have trusted these voices in the past and they have lead you astray or did not get the outcome you had hoped for. There can be a few reasons for this, one could be your belief system has been corrupted, the information you have been given or the interpretation of the information has been wrong, or you just cannot make any sense of it. Reasoning for this (because we always need a reason for our conscious brain), could be that your brain function is cloudy and decision making is impaired, you have been told something repeatable so your conscious mind has started to believe it which has corrupted your subconscious or you just have not learn to decipher the information correctly. How to trust is an essential part of life something that we as a race has forgotten how to use.

Whatever the situation is you can trust in the knowing that your belief system can be changed,removing any corruption you have on all levels from your past present and for your future, the fog that exist can be removed giving you clarity in though and by doing this your decision making becomes responsive to your beliefs and your situation and the belief of how to trust becomes real again. .

how to trust
We are all animal and must learn to trust our instincts