5 Ways to Stay in Front

Over the years one of the questions i have been asked a lot is, how do you stay in front of every thing?. In reality is has been a hard road with many setback and pitfalls but also i have had a lot of growth and prosperity but in all of that i have come to trust my 5 ways to stay in front and live by them daily.
Life can be as simple or as hard as you want to make it, the life i choose for myself is a life of simplicity.

So my 5 ways to stay in front are not really that hard to follow or understand, and possibly you will get to the end and say is that it. So i will go through them starting with the most important, not that anyone of them is more important than the other, it just really sets the scene for the rest of them. Trust is it, you really have to trust yourself, trust in everything you do and accept that you will make mistakes at times but you have to trust in everything. You are the most important person in your life at this minute and for the next minute and for every minute from this minute on. Simple it doesn’t matter what it is you have to trust in yourself as you are number one.

So now that one is out of the way the next one just follows suit, you have to Believe in yourself, believe in what you do, believe in the decisions you make and trust in yourself that the decision is correct and right for you. Belief within yourself is half the battle won, once you believe in yourself decisions come easier and make more sense.

Now that you have got Trust sorted and you are believing in yourself then you need to respect yourself, respect the decisions you make, respect what you you stand for and respect the fact that you believe in yourself. Respect would be starting to hit a few nerves by now, most people would say yep they have that down pat but in reality Respect is one of the rarest things. We respect others for the same reasons we should be respecting yourself. Which leads us right into the next one.

With everything you do you have to be totally 100% Honest with yourself. A little white lye does not help your cause and gets you know where. 100% honesty is imperative to staying in front.

So with all that said the final piece of valuable information for your 5 ways to stay in front is Love yourself. Holy and completely, you have to love yourself above all else. How can you literally expect to give love to someone else if you do not 100% love yourself. And really as i said it is that simple. Well maybe you will need some work to figure out to how to achieve a few things but we are not perfect and we all have faults even the people who you think are perfect.

5 Ways to Stay In Front
How do you stay in Front