Desire to be you.

What are your desires are how do you think you get them, or where do they come from.Many questions but have a quick read and see if this little text answers anything.

Should do

    In every decision that is made there is always the question of should do. That is you know what you should do to create the best outcome for yourself and others around you. The things that are morally right, lawfully right. Right for everyone.

Want to do

This is the decision where you know what you should do but you would like to do something different, which creates what you want to do, along with confusion between what you should do and want to do. Which brings us to have to do?

Have to do

What you have to do is the decision to be made based upon the shoulds and wants. Either way there will not be eternal happiness for all concerned.


If you need it is half the battle, but consider do you really need it or just want it? If you really need it then you should do what you have to do to get it.


Wants are almost everything we like or think we need.


Desires are something that we really want but just have no way to get it.


Passion is something that we desire with all our heart, but that we know we will never have if we do what we should do. Sort of like a mulberry bush isn’t it.

Can you reach what you desire, is it in sight but just out of reach, or can you not see it yet?

Where do your Desire come from.