Is Stress Ruling Your Day?

With the never ending demands on our day to day life it is not hard to see why we get stressed, suffer breakdowns and anxiety attacks. It is not always the big things that stress us, it is more common have lots of little things running around our head taking up valuable space and retarding our productivity in work sport and general day to day events.

Here is a few simple questions to ask yourself, Can you sit still and have a open clear mind for two minutes without being redirected to a thought or a job left undone?. Are you a restless sleeper taking a while to settle before falling to sleep or need to have the Tv on to relax your brain?. Do you find you fatigue mentally faster than you did in the past, more headaches, decreased energy, pimples or the ability to achieve great productivity..

Stress can be eliminated from your world whether it is from lack of money, lack of opportunities, inability to get ahead. Behind any situation is a roadblock, roadblocks have been put in place by your conscious to protect you. Or that is really what your conscious tells you. Your conscious loves drama it loves confusion it loves being in control, but you will find that generally it is wrong. If we stopped listening to our conscious and just trusted our gut we would be much better off in a lot of ways.

Learn how to eliminate your conscious controlling you and stop stress in its tracks leaving you open to better clarity in mind and body.

Is this You?