Sustainability in mind body and soul

What is sustainability?, I am sure we would all have our own opinions and that is great, everyone needs there own opinions. This is what I got from Wikipedia. “Sustainability is the process of people maintaining change in a balanced environment, in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations”. So now you add mind body and soul to that and it translates to a place or a state where we can exist peacefully maintaining an equilibrium of a solid state of mind body and soul with the pressures of modern society.

So where does that leave us and how do we achieve it. Well unfortunately I believe that is a different answer for everyone, we are all different and all seek different beliefs and dreams that we believe would make us or put us in that sustainable place. For most of us getting away to a retreat or even a holiday for a week will lift us to a place where we believe we operate the best, but how do we maintain that sometimes euphoric state of mind.

As I mentioned it is different for all of us but the process is similar, we have to weigh up our lives current and future and decide what we really want from it. Then decide what we do not want as that is just as important and sometimes the hardest to decide on. What habits can you do without?. Once these have been decided on we have to then go through the process of changing our belief systems removing any negative beliefs and replacing them with positive feelings.

A belief can be well set in your subconscious and could have been a part of your decision making since your early childhood. We cannot change or delete our memories but we can change way we feel about them and reactions we get, making a negative a positive as well as letting you understand and know what it feels like to have a positive memory instead of a negative one.

This is the first real step in finding a sustainable mind body and soul. Are you interested to know what it feels like to have a sustainable mind body and soul?.

Sustainability in nature
The ocean is a great example of natural sustainability

Healing from within our self

I am sure we have all been guilty of looking over the fence for greener pastures, But really what have we been missing, have we been so consumed with our lives we have forgotten who we are?. Looking within is the easiest form of healing but the hardest to achieve.

How often when the times get tough do we start to peak over the fence at everyone else and wish we had we they had. In reality the people over the fence are really standing there looking at you saying i want what they have but out of all of this very little actually ever gets done. Owning up to our lives, our habits, our mistakes is really the first step in the process so self empowerment, good health and a better lifestyle overall. Being able to see all our shortcomings is one of the hardest things we can ever do but it is the greatest positive into a world of clarity of mind clear and decision making. Once you see yourself for what you are the next steps are easy to achieve as long as you are willing to make the adjustments needed to clear the unwanted habits and beliefs allow the process to work for a happier you. Just remember there is always someone out there that is willing to help you with all your steps.

Pondering the path of healing

When Is It The Right Time To Change?

Have you ever wondered why it is that the decisions you make just do not match up to the expectations of the dream you hold in your head. Time is irrelevant if you never make an effort to change with the growing expectations you place upon yourself for the visions or dreams you hold. The seconds, minutes hours , months and years will all pass you by if no effort is made to growth with your desires. Are you using your minutes and hours wisely, or are you just floating

Time is free
When is it the right time to make a change

Life is full of choices, what choices do you believe you should have that are just escaping you at this moment.