Head in the clouds

How often do we get this overwhelming feeling that we have been here before. Quiet often we run around with our head in the clouds while our feet are planted firmly on the ground. Just like the mulberry tree we keep going around and around believing we are making progress but end up in exactly the same place we started. How do you know your head in the clouds might not be the healthiest place for it to be?. Your head in the clouds could be a peaceful place but generally not a productive place. How often do you find yourself with your head in the clouds

Does this sound just to familiar to you, most of us walk around with our head in the clouds with our feet planted firmly on the ground to scared to make changes as it might upset the flow of how you do things or how people expect you to do things which is more important and a much bigger problem.

Clarity of thought or having a clear focus on your direction is very important to keep yourself on track and more importantly keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground and your head out of the clouds. How to clear the haze and fog from your thoughts. Myself i like to hike and just sit and allow myself to fade away into nothing. No thoughts no pressure, no stress. Sounds easy hey, well it is not hard it just takes practice and a presence of mind, knowing when you are drifting from the nothing into a haze.

head in the clouds
How high in the clouds are you