Credit where credit is due.

I see post from healers frequently about how they are not the responsible for or actually do the healings suggesting that they are just the vehicle to allow the universal energy to enter through there bodies and into the clients body to amazingly aid in the healing process.

This is of course very true, we are just the access point to the client for the universal energy to travel through. That view is very universal between healer and is usually applied as to not allow the ego to take over our treatments, it is ok to show and have some ego but if it takes control of our treatment then it will consume us and we will inevitably start healing for the ego instead of the client which will eventually lesson our ability to heal.

As a healer we must maintain our mind and body as an elite athlete maintains their’s. We must feed it and nurture it as they do so as to maintain the right energy balance. Over your life you will meet many healers but some just stand out more than others some will be incredibly amazing healers some will just be able to heal. What is the difference if we all are using the same universal energy?. There is realistically many reasons for this and firstly as a healer we must trust in ourselves and believe that the miracles that happen do actually happen, secondly the client must believe and trust in the healer. Nothing will happen or it will be not as good as it could be if these two things do not exist.

But in short we must maintain our mind and body to maintain our abilities and that is something we can take credit for. Thank you to all the healers out there keep up the great work.

Credit to you for keeping heart within your hands