Kokoro Intuitive Healing

Kokoro Healing

Kokoro Intuitive healing’s are part of my life’s work as a Natural therapist. To explain natural i did not have to study to know massage techniques, i did not have to study to know how a human body as well as animal body worked. To me it was a gift from the universe, something that at times i considered a curse but mostly have come to appreciate for what it is. Kokoro healing is me as much as i can say it exist with me.

Kokoro Healing is a combination of many modalities accompanied by my ability to pinpoint problem area’s within your body either by touch, actual sense of pain within a location accompanied by sometimes visions or instructions, showing causes movements etc. As i experienced more and more clients with varying types of injuries caused from all sorts of issues i realized that one modality alone is not enough to achieve everything that is sometimes needed. While doing a massage per say i could use 4 or 5 different modalities depending on the situation.

kokoro healing

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