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Kokoro Healing

Kokoro Intuitive healing is you could say a part of my life’s work as a Natural therapist. To explain natural i did not have to study books to know massage techniques, i did not have to get a diploma to understand basic muscle movement and how it all works. Kokora Healing I see as a gift from the universe, something that at times i didn’t understand but mostly have come to appreciate it for what it is. Kokoro healing is me as much as i can say it exist with me.

Kokoro Healing has eventuated from many hours, weeks, months and years of learning and studying how things work and how best to simplify the process of healing naturally. Kokora healing is a combination of many modalities and many teachers from different nationalities. I have watched and studied some monks in Thailand giving massage and healings within a temple, I have studied local villagers doing hot rock massage in the pacific and all without a degree just from past down knowledge from generation to generation the way it should be taught. Natural healing doesn’t come from a book or a college, it comes from your heart, your soul and all connected by unlimited universal energy. Letting the universe tell you the story helps to pinpoint problem area’s within your body either by touch, actual sense of pain within a location accompanied sometimes by visions or instructions, showing causes movements etc. As i experienced more and more clients with varying types of injuries caused from all sorts of issues i realized that one modality alone is not enough to achieve the desired outcome. This gave birth to Kokora intuitive healing.

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