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The Conscious Mind


The conscious mind is one of wonder and mystery to how and why it does what it does and how it is capable of doing some of the things it can do and some of the things it doesn’t do.

Do you have that little person sitting on your shoulder judging decisions you make, offering alternative solutions and then criticizing when your life. Well if you do say hello to your conscious mind, This little person comes across as your best friend with your best interest at heart but really all this little person is doing is sabotaging every thing you do. The little person constantly lies to you, it keeps on telling you lies to the point that you actually start to believe them. It makes you second guess yourself and question what you believe in, and really it is for the sole purpose of keeping himself in a job. You see when life starts to make sense and you get a grip on the little person and start to trust and feel in yourself and your own abilities. When all this happens your life becomes clearer and makes more sense. The little man stops visiting or camping on your shoulders weighing you down.Are you in control of your conscious mind?

So if you have problems with this little man controlling your life, telling you what you should do or shouldn’t do send me a message and through my Life awareness Help Line at Heart &Soul we can work on getting you where you should be.

Bless you all to good health with Mentally for filing life.

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