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Future Visions


We all have dreams, some are small and some are big, But it doesn’t matter what the dream is or how big or small it is, ultimately it is about how we set about achieving this dream. Allow your future visions to shine through and see just how far you can get and what you achieve.

My dream of future vision is a retreat, it will not just be any retreat it is going to be a healing retreat, A retreat that offers you wellness in every aspect you require, a retreat with no time requirements open to any and all of us that require that place to escape to heal, whether it be from injury, sickness or you are just over it. It will offer diet, exercise, relaxation, therapist, yoga, just to name a few. In the plan it will be open to long term or short term members, i call you members because you will become one with it, you will become a member of it. Money will not be the object of the retreat, it will not be there to make me rich or anyone else, it will be there to cover cost and give a lifestyle to those who need it, a place to get your life back. It will be for the purpose of life, wellness and oneness with yourself and the environment around you. A dream will always be a dream. Future visions on the other hand are just that visions of what is coming in the future, we all have them and we all need them to be able to set out sites on something and giving us something to strive towards.

Why i call it future visions is because a dream is exactly that a dream, a dream has to be put into action and when it does it becomes a vision of your future.

Looking out into our future Vision

This is my future vision, what are yours. I have many but this realistically is my life vision, the purpose of my life you could say, from a child the dream has always been there, now i have the tools to turn it into a vision so i am putting the foundation in place for a greater future for me and for you. This web site is a foundation stone so help me set it in place, like a post or share the site to as many people who you believe may need to see or realize there future visions.

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