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Reiki (Universal Energy healing)


The use of universal energy to heal and activation of life force within recipients was thought to originate from ancient Tibet, passing to the west through china to Japan where it was said to be lost for centuries until Dr Mikao Usui rediscovered it in the late 19th century when he undertook a quest to find the path to the science of healing after being asked by one of his students at his school in Kyoto Japan. They where aware that Jesus and other saints used there hands to heal, so Dr Mikao set out to find the answers.

Dr Usui travelled to America first with no results or further insights, so then he returned and studied the ancient Japanese and Chinese characters as well as the ancient Indian language Sanskrit. It was there he discovered hints on some old Sanskrit rolls he found in Tibetan convents of the Essener anchored in Buddhism. He then went to Mount Kurama in Tokyo and started to fast, meditate and read the Sutras while waiting for a sign. Early on the twenty first morning a bright white light approached him and penetrate his forehead. He later saw a bright light with golden coloured Sanskrit characters with in it.

This was the starting of Usui Reiki as it is know.

A will offer a basic description of what Reiki is and how it is used as not to overwhelm you with facts.

In short Reiki is the use of Life force universal energy, Universal energy is everywhere all around us, it is apart of every living thing and surrounds every thing that is not.

For a Reiki healer to use this energy we condense it into a stronger form and allow the energy to pass through our body and into you, we have no control of where the energy goes and is used, no negative energy can be passed from the practitioner to the recipient and vice versa. It is this condensed energy that allows you to heal in a faster manner, it is also the pure universal energy healing that is repairing and revitalising your entire body. To go into the possibilities of what can be achieved using Reiki is merely impossible. Reiki simply can help most people with every ailment and help them in some way, relieving them of some if not all symptoms. The only variance is your belief in the ability to heal, you can heal if you do not believe you will still heal, it is just a bit slower to initiate it.

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