Credit where credit is due.

I see post from healers frequently about how they are not the responsible for or actually do the healings suggesting that they are just the vehicle to allow the universal energy to enter through there bodies and into the clients body to amazingly aid in the healing process.

This is of course very true, we are just the access point to the client for the universal energy to travel through. That view is very universal between healer and is usually applied as to not allow the ego to take over our treatments, it is ok to show and have some ego but if it takes control of our treatment then it will consume us and we will inevitably start healing for the ego instead of the client which will eventually lesson our ability to heal.

As a healer we must maintain our mind and body as an elite athlete maintains their’s. We must feed it and nurture it as they do so as to maintain the right energy balance. Over your life you will meet many healers but some just stand out more than others some will be incredibly amazing healers some will just be able to heal. What is the difference if we all are using the same universal energy?. There is realistically many reasons for this and firstly as a healer we must trust in ourselves and believe that the miracles that happen do actually happen, secondly the client must believe and trust in the healer. Nothing will happen or it will be not as good as it could be if these two things do not exist.

But in short we must maintain our mind and body to maintain our abilities and that is something we can take credit for. Thank you to all the healers out there keep up the great work.

Credit to you for keeping heart within your hands

Head in the clouds

How often do we get this overwhelming feeling that we have been here before. Quiet often we run around with our head in the clouds while our feet are planted firmly on the ground. Just like the mulberry tree we keep going around and around believing we are making progress but end up in exactly the same place we started. How do you know your head in the clouds might not be the healthiest place for it to be?. Your head in the clouds could be a peaceful place but generally not a productive place. How often do you find yourself with your head in the clouds

Does this sound just to familiar to you, most of us walk around with our head in the clouds with our feet planted firmly on the ground to scared to make changes as it might upset the flow of how you do things or how people expect you to do things which is more important and a much bigger problem.

Clarity of thought or having a clear focus on your direction is very important to keep yourself on track and more importantly keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground and your head out of the clouds. How to clear the haze and fog from your thoughts. Myself i like to hike and just sit and allow myself to fade away into nothing. No thoughts no pressure, no stress. Sounds easy hey, well it is not hard it just takes practice and a presence of mind, knowing when you are drifting from the nothing into a haze.

head in the clouds
How high in the clouds are you

Sustainability in mind body and soul

What is sustainability?, I am sure we would all have our own opinions and that is great, everyone needs there own opinions. This is what I got from Wikipedia. “Sustainability is the process of people maintaining change in a balanced environment, in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations”. So now you add mind body and soul to that and it translates to a place or a state where we can exist peacefully maintaining an equilibrium of a solid state of mind body and soul with the pressures of modern society.

So where does that leave us and how do we achieve it. Well unfortunately I believe that is a different answer for everyone, we are all different and all seek different beliefs and dreams that we believe would make us or put us in that sustainable place. For most of us getting away to a retreat or even a holiday for a week will lift us to a place where we believe we operate the best, but how do we maintain that sometimes euphoric state of mind.

As I mentioned it is different for all of us but the process is similar, we have to weigh up our lives current and future and decide what we really want from it. Then decide what we do not want as that is just as important and sometimes the hardest to decide on. What habits can you do without?. Once these have been decided on we have to then go through the process of changing our belief systems removing any negative beliefs and replacing them with positive feelings.

A belief can be well set in your subconscious and could have been a part of your decision making since your early childhood. We cannot change or delete our memories but we can change way we feel about them and reactions we get, making a negative a positive as well as letting you understand and know what it feels like to have a positive memory instead of a negative one.

This is the first real step in finding a sustainable mind body and soul. Are you interested to know what it feels like to have a sustainable mind body and soul?.

Sustainability in nature
The ocean is a great example of natural sustainability

Healing from within our self

I am sure we have all been guilty of looking over the fence for greener pastures, But really what have we been missing, have we been so consumed with our lives we have forgotten who we are?. Looking within is the easiest form of healing but the hardest to achieve.

How often when the times get tough do we start to peak over the fence at everyone else and wish we had we they had. In reality the people over the fence are really standing there looking at you saying i want what they have but out of all of this very little actually ever gets done. Owning up to our lives, our habits, our mistakes is really the first step in the process so self empowerment, good health and a better lifestyle overall. Being able to see all our shortcomings is one of the hardest things we can ever do but it is the greatest positive into a world of clarity of mind clear and decision making. Once you see yourself for what you are the next steps are easy to achieve as long as you are willing to make the adjustments needed to clear the unwanted habits and beliefs allow the process to work for a happier you. Just remember there is always someone out there that is willing to help you with all your steps.

Pondering the path of healing

When Is It The Right Time To Change?

Have you ever wondered why it is that the decisions you make just do not match up to the expectations of the dream you hold in your head. Time is irrelevant if you never make an effort to change with the growing expectations you place upon yourself for the visions or dreams you hold. The seconds, minutes hours , months and years will all pass you by if no effort is made to growth with your desires. Are you using your minutes and hours wisely, or are you just floating

Time is free
When is it the right time to make a change

Life is full of choices, what choices do you believe you should have that are just escaping you at this moment.

Is Stress Ruling Your Day?

With the never ending demands on our day to day life it is not hard to see why we get stressed, suffer breakdowns and anxiety attacks. It is not always the big things that stress us, it is more common have lots of little things running around our head taking up valuable space and retarding our productivity in work sport and general day to day events.

Here is a few simple questions to ask yourself, Can you sit still and have a open clear mind for two minutes without being redirected to a thought or a job left undone?. Are you a restless sleeper taking a while to settle before falling to sleep or need to have the Tv on to relax your brain?. Do you find you fatigue mentally faster than you did in the past, more headaches, decreased energy, pimples or the ability to achieve great productivity..

Stress can be eliminated from your world whether it is from lack of money, lack of opportunities, inability to get ahead. Behind any situation is a roadblock, roadblocks have been put in place by your conscious to protect you. Or that is really what your conscious tells you. Your conscious loves drama it loves confusion it loves being in control, but you will find that generally it is wrong. If we stopped listening to our conscious and just trusted our gut we would be much better off in a lot of ways.

Learn how to eliminate your conscious controlling you and stop stress in its tracks leaving you open to better clarity in mind and body.

Is this You?

Desire to be you.

What are your desires are how do you think you get them, or where do they come from.Many questions but have a quick read and see if this little text answers anything.

Should do

    In every decision that is made there is always the question of should do. That is you know what you should do to create the best outcome for yourself and others around you. The things that are morally right, lawfully right. Right for everyone.

Want to do

This is the decision where you know what you should do but you would like to do something different, which creates what you want to do, along with confusion between what you should do and want to do. Which brings us to have to do?

Have to do

What you have to do is the decision to be made based upon the shoulds and wants. Either way there will not be eternal happiness for all concerned.


If you need it is half the battle, but consider do you really need it or just want it? If you really need it then you should do what you have to do to get it.


Wants are almost everything we like or think we need.


Desires are something that we really want but just have no way to get it.


Passion is something that we desire with all our heart, but that we know we will never have if we do what we should do. Sort of like a mulberry bush isn’t it.

Can you reach what you desire, is it in sight but just out of reach, or can you not see it yet?

Where do your Desire come from.

What is Reality in your eyes.

In our modern world the word reality gets passed around in the belief we would give the story some truth and merit in the story teller, but in fact what is reality? and why does it have such an effect on us. For me my view and belief is simple in the fact that it is real, you can see it, touch it, smell it and most importantly believe in it. How much is sold to us on a belief that it is real the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Lets look at the one of the biggest users of the word reality in hope that we will get hooked and provide them with coverage and ratings. Of course it is television, how many so called reality shows are on the box these days from home improvements to cooking shows and survival shows. We have them all and they all rely on use getting sucked in that it is all real and the way they display it is all true and correct and uncut.

Why do we firstly get interested in someone else’s story and secondly what can we learn about this. Is it we believe we have lost part of our lives and these stories take us to a fantasy world or are we are just lost in our lives and feel the need to escape. How do you feel, how does it make you feel when you see these shows or hear these stories?. Do you want to get away and escape the normality or is it exactly that an escape from your mundane world as a form of stress release or just a way to relax for you?. If this is so what changes can you make in your world to remove yourself from the search of fake realism.

The fact that we seek an escape tells us we are not happy or for filled in our own lives, our conscious and subconscious are working against each other to create this fake world. It had been proven that Thetahealing or the reprogramming of our subconscious mind can greatly help in reducing this lack of realism in our life. We cannot change memories but we can change the beliefs or feelings that are associated with our memories removing any clouds or untruths that have been associated to the memory but your own conscious mind. Clearing up these beliefs and associated feelings can greatly increase your productivity at work and in your home environment making the need to escape not so important giving you greater emphasis on living and seeing what is actual real around you.

So where is your world today are you in search of someone else’s reality or are you in control of what is real around you with your beliefs and feelings in control. Do you have control of your work environment, your feelings and beliefs???

ality is out there we only need to sift through the stories first

5 Ways to Stay in Front

Over the years one of the questions i have been asked a lot is, how do you stay in front of every thing?. In reality is has been a hard road with many setback and pitfalls but also i have had a lot of growth and prosperity but in all of that i have come to trust my 5 ways to stay in front and live by them daily.
Life can be as simple or as hard as you want to make it, the life i choose for myself is a life of simplicity.

So my 5 ways to stay in front are not really that hard to follow or understand, and possibly you will get to the end and say is that it. So i will go through them starting with the most important, not that anyone of them is more important than the other, it just really sets the scene for the rest of them. Trust is it, you really have to trust yourself, trust in everything you do and accept that you will make mistakes at times but you have to trust in everything. You are the most important person in your life at this minute and for the next minute and for every minute from this minute on. Simple it doesn’t matter what it is you have to trust in yourself as you are number one.

So now that one is out of the way the next one just follows suit, you have to Believe in yourself, believe in what you do, believe in the decisions you make and trust in yourself that the decision is correct and right for you. Belief within yourself is half the battle won, once you believe in yourself decisions come easier and make more sense.

Now that you have got Trust sorted and you are believing in yourself then you need to respect yourself, respect the decisions you make, respect what you you stand for and respect the fact that you believe in yourself. Respect would be starting to hit a few nerves by now, most people would say yep they have that down pat but in reality Respect is one of the rarest things. We respect others for the same reasons we should be respecting yourself. Which leads us right into the next one.

With everything you do you have to be totally 100% Honest with yourself. A little white lye does not help your cause and gets you know where. 100% honesty is imperative to staying in front.

So with all that said the final piece of valuable information for your 5 ways to stay in front is Love yourself. Holy and completely, you have to love yourself above all else. How can you literally expect to give love to someone else if you do not 100% love yourself. And really as i said it is that simple. Well maybe you will need some work to figure out to how to achieve a few things but we are not perfect and we all have faults even the people who you think are perfect.

5 Ways to Stay In Front
How do you stay in Front

How to trust your decision making

Why do we know what decisions to make at the right time with trust knowing that that decision is at our best interest and for our best possible outcome. The truth is we never know until the story is told and played as out nothing is every 100% set in stone. What we can do is learn how to trust out intuition clear up all that fog and uncertainty that exist within our conscious mind.

So where is this decision making coming from and how or why should we trust it. To answer this we must understand that our brain consist of two parts the conscious and subconscious, the conscious is the active part utilizing around 20% and in control of logic, reasoning and actions, while the subconscious is in control of the involuntary actions like breathing, your heart rate, making sure all your organs are working, your memories, beliefs and emotions. So to speak is conscious and to dream is subconscious.

So what has this got to do with your intuition and how to trust it. Knowing this we can understand that these hunches and senses are coming from our subconscious deep within our belief system giving them reason and making them easier to understand or trust, in a logical way, knowing that our subconscious is connected to or memories and our memories are connected to our past and we understand the decisions we have made in the past which then guides us to make decisions in our present, hence that little voice on your head. So what if you have trusted these voices in the past and they have lead you astray or did not get the outcome you had hoped for. There can be a few reasons for this, one could be your belief system has been corrupted, the information you have been given or the interpretation of the information has been wrong, or you just cannot make any sense of it. Reasoning for this (because we always need a reason for our conscious brain), could be that your brain function is cloudy and decision making is impaired, you have been told something repeatable so your conscious mind has started to believe it which has corrupted your subconscious or you just have not learn to decipher the information correctly. How to trust is an essential part of life something that we as a race has forgotten how to use.

Whatever the situation is you can trust in the knowing that your belief system can be changed,removing any corruption you have on all levels from your past present and for your future, the fog that exist can be removed giving you clarity in though and by doing this your decision making becomes responsive to your beliefs and your situation and the belief of how to trust becomes real again. .

how to trust
We are all animal and must learn to trust our instincts