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I met this quiet wise man at a healing course on the Sunshine Coast. In his presence I instantly felt calm and trusting. Without knowing him I instantly felt an expansive and healing energy.
He is quiet and considerate, as if speaking only when the words have a reason. He can read you like an open book, gently and without judgement but extremely accurate. His healing ability is phenomenal. In total we have worked with each other in four training’s. At one of those, I had been informed by a specialist that I had a growth on my liver so asked him to heal it for me. In the session he located the underlying issue quickly and gently and helped me through the process and then I felt the energy as he witnessed the healing of my liver among other emotional beliefs that were going on at the time. When I went to have the growth identified my ultrasound, the lady couldn’t find anything at all on my liver, it was completely gone.
We still keep in touch and I often get messages of guidance or ask for Brett’s opinion and support as we both own ourselves as healers and get our businesses and dreams underway.
Not only do I have access to an amazing healer, i have made a lifelong friend, a soul friend who I know will be there for me forever and he will treat you the same when working with you. I am excited about the medical healing’s that I will witness in the world through him. Will it be you?
Much love, Josette

Words from a wonderful gifted person in her own right.

Thank you.

 “Love and kindness Balance The World”

Testimonial to Brett Scott

My name is Kellie Barnes, I met Brett in Airlie Beach many years ago, at that point I weighed 37 kg’s if that, I was still on one crutch waiting for a hip replacement on my left hip and with that leg still 4 and a half inches further inside my hip socket than it should have been after an accident. I was limping severely and in incredible pain.

I fell 4 storeys from a window on to a concrete driveway. I shattered both heels, put my left through my hip shattering that, breaking a few ribs, broke scaphoids in my my left wrist, burst my L1 vertebrae and a few other internal injuries. My vertebra was replaced by a metal cage and rods were bolted to my vertebrae above and below (the rods have since been removed, though the cage will be there forever). I have had four hip replacements all up due to complications and infection. I have also had other surgeries due to ongoing problems.

I was just having a holiday in Airlie Beach with my family and my mum (who had been looking for relief for my injuries since the accident) was out shopping and came across Brett’s shop and went in to speak to him about me and if he could help at all, after speaking to him she had a very good feeling about him and booked herself in to try him out first. When she came home she was very excited to tell me about him and that I had an appointment in an hour to see him.

When she started to explain his practices I felt that he really could help. Mum could not explain what the treatment was, just a form of energy transfer accompanied with isolated pressure, but I had had much more success when it came to pain relief and healing when it came to Eastern and holistic medicine than Western (other than surgery) medicine since the accident.

After my first session with Brett I could walk taller and put more weight on my bad leg. I also had a lot of stress and darkness lifted from my shoulders, from being in chronic pain and unable to do what I used to be able to do weighs heavily on your heart and your shoulders.

Unfortunately, as we were only on holiday I could only see him for a limited amount of time but after my first session I saw him twice a day every day that we were there. He was so amazing he even came in for me on his days off. It was only for two weeks but those two weeks made such a difference when I got home I was able to start Pilates and get stronger.

I cannot recommended Brett highly enough to convey what he has done for me over the years. I have continually kept in touch with him and every time I was back in Airlie Beach which was at least once a year I would see him twice a day and get a top up. I would feel amazing afterwards as always. Thank you ever so much. Kellie Barnes
Sydney, Australia.

Testimony from a strong and courageous young lady
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