What can be done for you?

Why is it you are in continual search for that lost something, What are you looking for? What have you lost or just have not found yet?. Can you answer the question of what is missing in your life, what is it your desire above all else?.Do you know and understand what can be done for you?

Why is this site and the treatments offered any different to any other site, any other therapist, any other diet you have tried before. Some may have worked some may not of but the truth is you are still looking for that key to your lost soul. Honesty i can write a thousand words describing the treatments we offer, how we have your best interest at hand, how we offer continual support for you, how we promise to change your world, how we will create a whole new life for you, in reality a thousand words that have been written many times before. I ask you the question what can be done for you?
where are these magic answers to all your questions?.

Do you really want to know the answer to this million dollar a question?

If i told you it as simple and that all the answers are hidden deep inside and the secret is just how to find and extract those answers that are written in your DNA buried deep in your sub conscious, the answers like why am i who i am? why i do the things i do? there is really so many questions that can be answered even the question of why can i not loose weight and keep it off, why do i always end up with the wrong type of partner. So many questions with so many untapped answers.

Where are you at, what questions do you hold and what can be done for you?.

Do you want to find those answers?.

What can be done for you?
What are you looking for?

I Witnessed my Rebirth At Fifty

Rebirth at fifty

                          What we see can be misleading.

Paradise lost and heaven found. Why is it that we perceive beauty or paradise to be somewhere else. We spend our lives looking for these wonderful places where paradise is perceived to be, but all we find is what we have lost, for after a while paradise is lost as washed away by the shadows of darkness. Rebirth At fifty some would say owe mid life crisis is upon you, but in fact it is very much the opposite, I am calm, collected and focused, I have no fears for what is in front of me. Know one can ever say that they know what lies on there path with 100% certainty but I feel my future and I am in control of my path and what lies on it. I have been waiting my whole life working, studying, learning, experiencing just for this very moment in time now it is my time. Come with me and watch my rebirth at fifty and the wonders that I will do for anyone who needs me. Follow me as I will walk beside you and guide you to your rebirth to the life you want to lead and the person you want to be, having everything you ever wanted at your arms reach exactly when you want it. Would you like a new car or a new computer, well I did and I have them. Exactly what I wanted and exactly what I asked for. It can and does happen every day to (normal) everyday people. Will you be next? Could you just imagine or have you already started a list of your desires. You might not be get to be reborn at fifty you could be much younger or even older, there is no discrepancy in age it can happen at anytime if you are willing to remove the roadblocks that are sitting on your path. People manifest illnesses every day so they can get attention and feel loved, why can we not turn that around and know what it feels to to be loved unconditionally without any unnecessary illness that waste your time on this planet. http.//heartandsoulhealings4u.com/post/rebirthatfifty/

Peace within me now and forever more!

From the darkness of my soul i have found peace within, peace that for years i though i had all under control, but really i never knew what peace was until i discovered the darkness of my soul. Peace from within the darkest place. i have removed that little man and found peace within.

As previously mentioned i love simplicity and believed my life evolved around simplicity, living a simple life existing in a manner that allowed freedom, flexibility and comfort. I found out it was all a lye, It was a simple lye if i do say so, you see i listened to my conscious mind and it was as simple as that. I had peace within or so i believed because i listened to that little man whispering in my ear. That little man is your conscious mind and unbeknownst to me he lived and partied with your dark soul.

This life existed up until just over 12 months ago, to which time i was in a relationship with someone i respected, loved, trusted and above all understood completely. For the best part it was a simple relationship, neither of us had to work at anything to do with it, of course there where discussions on directions, food and general life, but for the most part we understood each other completely. The only thing wrong with our relationship was that we where walking the same path we both wanted the same things and will end up doing the same thing, but unfortunately we both had to get away to find ourselves, resolve our past before we can move forward in any form. We separated and i spiraled into the darkness of my soul, this is a place where all nigh mares exist where all pain is stored and where there is only one direction to go and although it can be done it many ways, this is where you make peace within for everything that has happened in your past, the people you have hurt or hurt you must all be forgiven, and not just forgiven you sincerely have to forgive them and mean it . Unresolved issues harbor hate, hate harbors pain, pain is non productive in your journey forward in life, pain it only holds you in your the past. The darkness of our souls exist within all of us unless you have been done the dance of the darkness. This is where every pain you have ever felt exist.

peace within
Peace from within the darkness

The Conscious Mind

The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is one of wonder and mystery to how and why it does what it does and how it is capable of doing some of the things it can do and some of the things it doesn’t do.

Do you have that little person sitting on your shoulder judging decisions you make, offering alternative solutions and then criticizing when your life. Well if you do say hello to your conscious mind, This little person comes across as your best friend with your best interest at heart but really all this little person is doing is sabotaging every thing you do. The little person constantly lies to you, it keeps on telling you lies to the point that you actually start to believe them. It makes you second guess yourself and question what you believe in, and really it is for the sole purpose of keeping himself in a job. You see when life starts to make sense and you get a grip on the little person and start to trust and feel in yourself and your own abilities. When all this happens your life becomes clearer and makes more sense. The little man stops visiting or camping on your shoulders weighing you down.Are you in control of your conscious mind?

So if you have problems with this little man controlling your life, telling you what you should do or shouldn’t do send me a message and through my Life awareness Help Line at Heart &Soul we can work on getting you where you should be.

Bless you all to good health with Mentally for filing life.

Conscious mind
conscious mind or turmoil