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Simplicity in Growth

It is amazing what you can grow from


Your therapy investment is designed in a way that it makes you commit, you cannot win a marathon unless you commit to training, commit to time and commit to the outcome. I have found through past experience it is only the people who commit to what they want that actually achieve, my treatments are the same you have to commit your heart and soul commit to your life. You need to feel that you are investing in your life and in your future to obtain better and greater results .

When it comes to treatments, if you are not willing to put in the effort and make the necessary changes, then you will fail, it is as simple as that, If you fight against me in the treatments you will fail, I do not see failing as an option for you or for me so i will do what ever is possible to get results for you but at the end of the day you have to want to change and accept the new greater you. Some changes will be easy some will be hard, there will be or very likely be tears, but that is okay, we can work with that, i have tissues.

If you commit 100% you will start to see are generally feel results by the end of the first session but usually it will take a few sessions to clear it all out. Just for example i have had upwards of 20 Thetahealing sessions (A lot while doing my training). You could say we all have a few issues we need to work on, most we do not even recognize. My whole life, the choices i have made my mannerisms and i could go as far to say that every decision that i ever made from the age of 7 had an impact on who i was, all because of ONE incident/ accident playing in the yard on a Saturday afternoon as a happy child. One incident i carried my whole life and i did not even know it. Chances are you will have something like this you are carrying around effecting your decisions every day.

Your investing in your therapy you will set yourself on a new path with a new set of goals and a fresh new look at life and what it is about, it will help you pave your way forward with greater insight to who you are whilst making decision making easier and more direct for you creating a simpler life helping to alleviating stress. What is a simpler easier stress free live worth to you?, a simple therapy investment can send you well on you way to greater heath, prosperity and wellness. We have one chance, one shot to get this life right, when is it your time?.

Every New Day has to Start Somewhere

All prices are for 1 Hour treatments, longer or shorter treatments are available

Massage – Relaxation
Deep Tissue/ Kokoro Intuitive healings
Aromatherapy Massage (using high quality oils)
Treatment 5 Session Buy
Reiki Sessions – On location or Distance Healing’s

(Reiki Course can only be done on site)

Reiki Course – Level 1 
2 x 5hr Days

Reiki Course – Level 2 
2 x 5hr Days

Reiki Course – Level 3/ Master 
2 x 5hr Days

Reiki Course – Level 4/Master Teacher
2 x 5hr Days
Theta Healing
Single Sessions or Multiple session plans 
1 Hour
30 Minute
5 Session Package


Where life begins plans
This plan is a true therapy investment, it is designed to give you
the most contact over a 2 month period for one set price.
The treatments will vary from client to client as a plan is designed
specially for you and when you need it to get you as close to your
dreams as possible.
Contact me for more details about your future.


What is your future worth, is it full of potential or can you see
roadblocks in your way full of potholes and pitfalls.

Therapy investment and Treatment Sessions and Plans available to Suit you.

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