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What Can We Help You With?


Do you know the answers to the questions that you do not know how to ask?.Most people struggle with finding the right question rather than finding the right answers. Answers are easy but if you do not ask the right question you will get the wrong answer all the time and then wonder why it all went so wrong.
What can we help you with? What is the question you need to ask to find the right answer, do you know the question or is this where we begin?

So my question to you is “what is the question you do not know how to answer?” Is it why can i not secure that job i have been trying for?, why can i not loose weight without putting it straight back on again with interest?, why am i not taken seriously? So many questions really to choose from. What can we help you with?.

The answers for these and more are hidden deep in you subconscious, sitting there from past lives, past generations or early experiences or traumas suffered in this life. How can we help you or what can we help you with?. In your subconscious we have triggers that make us react in a certain way when a given certain situations,Most of us call these habits and have no idea why we do that or react like that, but in fact they are protective measures our subconscious has set up to protect us from what ever the pain or trauma that was associated with that situation. Our subconscious is our memory and therefor does not forget. So what can be done to help you stop these triggers from blocking your path in life. There is a few ways of doing it, but mainly you can be put into a deep meditation where you activate your theta brainwave (your theta brainwave is receptive to change) and then be asked a few simple questions which will open your pathway down to where the memories exist and once found we can remove, replace, pull or resolve the feeling or feelings associated with the memory which will stop the triggers. When that is done we will put in a positive feeling associated with that memory which will fill in the gaps and allow you to move past that memory or trigger. But we will not leave it there we will ensure you know what it feels like to have these positive feelings giving you a smooth transition into happiness. What Can We Help You With? to gain control, this is a very big question but the answer to all your questions are there waiting for you, all you have to do is get the right tools to join the dots and see what picture you can start to paint for your future.

Do your questions float around like this.

Once you see or ask the question to what can we help you with? everything else becomes easy those questions will just be there and the answers just on the next page no search required. Your memory and your focus will be clear to do all those important task you need to do. The absolute beauty of all of this is you are still fully conscious you are aware of every thing around you and nothing is done without your approval.

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