Healing from within our self

I am sure we have all been guilty of looking over the fence for greener pastures, But really what have we been missing, have we been so consumed with our lives we have forgotten who we are?. Looking within is the easiest form of healing but the hardest to achieve.

How often when the times get tough do we start to peak over the fence at everyone else and wish we had we they had. In reality the people over the fence are really standing there looking at you saying i want what they have but out of all of this very little actually ever gets done. Owning up to our lives, our habits, our mistakes is really the first step in the process so self empowerment, good health and a better lifestyle overall. Being able to see all our shortcomings is one of the hardest things we can ever do but it is the greatest positive into a world of clarity of mind clear and decision making. Once you see yourself for what you are the next steps are easy to achieve as long as you are willing to make the adjustments needed to clear the unwanted habits and beliefs allow the process to work for a happier you. Just remember there is always someone out there that is willing to help you with all your steps.

Pondering the path of healing

When Is It The Right Time To Change?

Have you ever wondered why it is that the decisions you make just do not match up to the expectations of the dream you hold in your head. Time is irrelevant if you never make an effort to change with the growing expectations you place upon yourself for the visions or dreams you hold. The seconds, minutes hours , months and years will all pass you by if no effort is made to growth with your desires. Are you using your minutes and hours wisely, or are you just floating

Time is free
When is it the right time to make a change

Life is full of choices, what choices do you believe you should have that are just escaping you at this moment.

What is Reality in your eyes.

In our modern world the word reality gets passed around in the belief we would give the story some truth and merit in the story teller, but in fact what is reality? and why does it have such an effect on us. For me my view and belief is simple in the fact that it is real, you can see it, touch it, smell it and most importantly believe in it. How much is sold to us on a belief that it is real the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Lets look at the one of the biggest users of the word reality in hope that we will get hooked and provide them with coverage and ratings. Of course it is television, how many so called reality shows are on the box these days from home improvements to cooking shows and survival shows. We have them all and they all rely on use getting sucked in that it is all real and the way they display it is all true and correct and uncut.

Why do we firstly get interested in someone else’s story and secondly what can we learn about this. Is it we believe we have lost part of our lives and these stories take us to a fantasy world or are we are just lost in our lives and feel the need to escape. How do you feel, how does it make you feel when you see these shows or hear these stories?. Do you want to get away and escape the normality or is it exactly that an escape from your mundane world as a form of stress release or just a way to relax for you?. If this is so what changes can you make in your world to remove yourself from the search of fake realism.

The fact that we seek an escape tells us we are not happy or for filled in our own lives, our conscious and subconscious are working against each other to create this fake world. It had been proven that Thetahealing or the reprogramming of our subconscious mind can greatly help in reducing this lack of realism in our life. We cannot change memories but we can change the beliefs or feelings that are associated with our memories removing any clouds or untruths that have been associated to the memory but your own conscious mind. Clearing up these beliefs and associated feelings can greatly increase your productivity at work and in your home environment making the need to escape not so important giving you greater emphasis on living and seeing what is actual real around you.

So where is your world today are you in search of someone else’s reality or are you in control of what is real around you with your beliefs and feelings in control. Do you have control of your work environment, your feelings and beliefs???

ality is out there we only need to sift through the stories first

I Witnessed my Rebirth At Fifty

Rebirth at fifty

                          What we see can be misleading.

Paradise lost and heaven found. Why is it that we perceive beauty or paradise to be somewhere else. We spend our lives looking for these wonderful places where paradise is perceived to be, but all we find is what we have lost, for after a while paradise is lost as washed away by the shadows of darkness. Rebirth At fifty some would say owe mid life crisis is upon you, but in fact it is very much the opposite, I am calm, collected and focused, I have no fears for what is in front of me. Know one can ever say that they know what lies on there path with 100% certainty but I feel my future and I am in control of my path and what lies on it. I have been waiting my whole life working, studying, learning, experiencing just for this very moment in time now it is my time. Come with me and watch my rebirth at fifty and the wonders that I will do for anyone who needs me. Follow me as I will walk beside you and guide you to your rebirth to the life you want to lead and the person you want to be, having everything you ever wanted at your arms reach exactly when you want it. Would you like a new car or a new computer, well I did and I have them. Exactly what I wanted and exactly what I asked for. It can and does happen every day to (normal) everyday people. Will you be next? Could you just imagine or have you already started a list of your desires. You might not be get to be reborn at fifty you could be much younger or even older, there is no discrepancy in age it can happen at anytime if you are willing to remove the roadblocks that are sitting on your path. People manifest illnesses every day so they can get attention and feel loved, why can we not turn that around and know what it feels to to be loved unconditionally without any unnecessary illness that waste your time on this planet. http.//heartandsoulhealings4u.com/post/rebirthatfifty/